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Directors Blog

Writer’s Block

December 7, 2014

So I don’t know if anyone but me has noticed but I have had a bout of writers block since late this spring. I was on a roll this time last year writing about human rights and cannabis therapeutics almost daily. Well I am here to tell you that I am back! Life is good. I had a thanksgiving muy tranquilo.  Means “super chill” to you hipsters. I can’t say for sure why I have had a writers block but I will attribute it to being busy and occupied running a growing business living my life and raising kids.

More importantly what snapped me out of it? This had been some time coming but today was special. My boy Bosco became a puppy daddy to seven baby boxers today, a beloved friend had his 37 birthday which was certainly reason to celebrate, I have a dedicated partner who I enjoy and who shares life with me, business is good, I am training new staff hoping to be ready to treat my share of the 500,000 people in az diagnosed with PTSD who become eligible for our program on January 1, 2015. We are fighting for our human rights on a state, local, and federal level which is always cause for amusement, my teenagers are tearing up the house and making their own mark on the world, my younger kids and step kids are sweet little loving beings and thirst for knowledge and experience……and given the state of the world at the moment I must accept all this as my reality, but all in all it is a charmed life…. So life is just so sweet that the dam broke and here comes the posts and the ideas and the love;)

There have been ups and downs over the last 7 1/2 months but the beat keeps on, I have a plan and it is working. We are going to keep helping people one by one until we have truly changed the world by touching every man woman and child that cares to join us in our quest for a natural, sustainable way of life. Stay tuned. One Love DBRC ❤