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$35 1g


$40 1g

ReLeaf Brand CRUMBLE

$35 1g

Tom’s Hippy Hash

Strain Specific- $22 1g

ReLeaf Brand Keif

$18 1g


$35 1g

ReLeaf Brand SUGAR WAX

$35 1g  


$45 1g


$55 1.5g


$55 1.5g


$40 1000mg – Distillate

$45 1ml – Sauce

$50 1ml – Live/Cured Resin

$55 1ml – Refined Live Resin

ReLeaf Brand Bulk Concentrates

Prices include tax.


Please be advised that we will try to update this menu as much as possible.  Our Online store is the most reflective of our products that are currently available. If you have any questions about the availability of a product please call us at 520.886.1760.  One Love.

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Live Resin


10 thoughts on “Concentrates

  1. Ideally I’d like to find a CBD oil with a fair amount of THC. I just received my card today. Any assistance in navigating what is a light years away from my previous experience with marijuana some forty years ago.

  2. Come down to the store and see us! We have several ratio options for our CBD infusions.

    One Love <3

  3. We have varying ratios of CBD to THC, you can always give us a call or come down to the store. We are here to help.

    One Love <3

  4. Desert Bloom is the best. The Bud tenders take real good care of you, they know their stuff, and are the most kind and compassionate people I know!

  5. Are any of the vape cartridges sold at Desert Bloom made with PG or PEG? I was doing research on vape cartridges, they are all really really safe and clean except if they are made with PG/PEG, so I thought to ask.

  6. We do not use any additives such as PG or PEG in our vape cartridges. We offer a distillate with natural terpenes and a live resin cartridge that has only the natural cannabis terpenes. Please feel free to call us at 520.886.1760 to get any other information that you may need.

    One Love DBRC

  7. Thanks for your response! I am in love with your cartridges and am glad to know I wasn’t just imagining that they were made correctly and ethically! Much love.

  8. Hi, I visited your store and picked up one of your in-house distilled vape cartridges which I enjoyed very much. The cartridge I purchased was Girl Scout Cookies, however, when I looked at the package, it listed the strain as Sonoran Kush or something like that, with GSC terps added. Are all the carts like this? Do you, for instance, make a Blue Dream cartridge using only Blue Dream plant material? Finally, I read someplace that your distillate is 98% THC. Does that mean the cartridge contents are 98% THC and 2% terps? I really felt welcomed by your staff, and look forward to visiting again.

  9. Hello there. Our distillates are made from a flower that is listed on the patient label, in this case it was made with “sonaran kush”. The oil is triple distilled removing all of the terpenes and plant matter. Basically, this is just the pure thc oil with no strain properties like indica or sativa. Then we add a terpene profile back to the distillate for the properties of a specific strain. The terpene profile will then give the oil the properties similar to the strain in this case Girl Scout Cookies. If you have an further questions please feel free to call us at 520.886.1760. Thank you for choosing to be our patient.
    One Love <3

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