Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center proudly offers a wide selection of edible products.

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700mg Oil Infusion Tincture THC (natural & assorted flavors available)

700mg Oil Infusion Tincture (THC & CBD 12:1, 8:1, 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 1:1 – natural & assorted flavors available)

7000mg Oil Infusion Tincture THC

7000mg Oil Infusion Tincture THC:CBD

500mg/box Suppositories 1:1 CBD/THC

500mg/box Suppositories THC

1000mg/box Suppositories 1:1 CBD/THC

1000mg/box Suppositories THC


75mg Gummies (assorted flavors available)

150mg Gummies and Syrups

300mg Gummies and Syrups (assorted flavors available)

600mg Syrup (assorted flavors available)

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15mg Gel Cap

105mg Gel Cap (7x15mg)

35mg Soft Chew (CHEWBIES: Blackberry, Butterrum, Cinnamon, Rootbeer, Tutti Fruity)

700mg THC Tincture (natural, cinnamon & blackberry)


50mg Cereal Thriller Treat

100mg Birthday Cake Cookie Bar

100mg Date Brownie

100mg Pate De Fruit Gummies (Guava, Lemon-Lime and Raspberry. 10x10mg)

200mg Honey in the Dank


250mg Chocolate Bars (milk, dark, dark espresso, toffee & cookies and cream)

250mg Milk Chocolate Bar (CBD 1:1)

250mg Sweedies (2.5mg single candies. THC & CBD 1:1, assorted flavors available)

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10mg Hard Candy (assorted flavors available)

20mg Aphrodisiac Truffles (seasonal)

30mg Hard Candy 12:1 CBD (assorted flavors available)

35mg Hard Candy (assorted flavors available)

5mg Passion Truffles (4 per box, 20mg total in box)

50mg Ganja Guppies

50mg Soda (marijuana dew, orange kush, grape, root beer, red cream & cherry bomb

50mg Caramel

100mg Cookie (chocolate chunk, peanut butter & 420)

100mg Brownie (cookies and cream, peanut butter, raspberry cheesecake & fudge)

100mg Chocolate Rice Crispy Treat

150mg Gummies (assorted flavors available)

150mg Lemon Hornets

300mg Dank Dot


50mg Soda (Original Cola, Root Beer, Blue Razz & Orange Kush)

150mg Saturday Morning (fruity pebbles sugar cookie)

250mg Reverse Dip Cookie (chocolate cookie dipped in white fudge)

300mg White Cheddar Popcorn 

500mg Fifty One Fifty Bar (brookie) 

500mg Salted Caramel Blondie (blonde brownie)


40mg Lolly Pops (assorted flavors available)

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Zero 20 pack non-medicated dry mouth infused toothpicks

14mg 5pack THC infused toothpicks

15mg Single THC infused toothpick

17mg 10pack THC infused toothpicks


50mg Hard Candy

100mg Gummy

100mg Hard Candy

100mg Taffy


100mg Caramel (4x 25mg caramel, chocolate caramel & strawberry caramel)

240mg Caramel (4x 60mg caramel, chocolate caramel & strawberry caramel


50mg Chai Spice Cookie

50mg Rice Krispy Treat

50mg Oatmeal Cookie

75mg Brownie (Peanut Butter Cup & Cookies and Cream)

100mg Extra Virgin Olive Oil


40mg CBD

40mg CBD 1:1

40mg CBD 1:1 with Melatonin

120mg Indica

120mg Sativa


100mg Cherry Bombs (4x25mg)

100mg Dried Fruit (pineapple & apricots, 10x10mg)

100mg Hard Candy (cherry, lemon, root beer & watermelon, 10x10mg)

100mg Organic/Vegan Gummy Bears (10x10mg)

100mg Organic Fruit Hearts (10x10mg)

100mg Peach Rings (4x25mg)

100mg Peanut Butter Sandwiches (4x25mg)

100mg Raspberry Blackberry Jellies (10x10mg)

100mg Sweet and Sours (10x10mg)

200mg Arizona Honey

Please be advised that we will try to update this menu as much as possible.  If you have any questions about the availability of a product please call us at 520.886.1760.  One Love ❤

Daily Edible Special 

Buy 4, Get 1 FREE or 15% off 2 or more edibles

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