Save yourself the time and try our handcrafted pre-rolls!   Rolled in RAW unbleached papers.

Woobies – $13

1 gram Pre-Roll – $10

Herbal Alchemy Blended Pre-Roll – $10

Speciality Blend (Keif)-$13

Pre -Rolls are available everyday.

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$10- 1 gram blended Pre-Rolls

We have paired our high quality Organic Cannabis with 7 Organic herbs for a longer lasting, smooth burn. 70% Cannabis 30% herbs

Rose Petals – give a gentle floral taste.    

Damiana –   smooth, relaxing and consciousness opening.

Blue Water Lily – this sacred flower of the ancient Egyptians was used for it’s gently euphoric and relaxing effects.

Mugwort – aka The Dreaming Herb has a calming effect and enhances meditation.  

Wild Dagga –  mildly psychoactive and enhances the effects of other herbs.

Chamomile –  rejuvenating and mind cleansing, with a smooth and delicious taste.

Sage –  adds a nice flavor, clears energy and is often used in ceremony.  

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Please be advised that we will try to update this menu as much as possible.  If you have any questions about the availability of a product please call us at 520.886.1760.  One Love <3